Auditorium of the future - RH ARKITEKTER AS

Auditorium of the future

”We are extremely proud of the auditorium,” says design chief Mette Hanghøj Lech about the brand new facility at the Novo Nordisk House of Innovation. The 450-seater is a signature project for RH ARKITEKTER. “We get to work with prime materials, ultimate design but least and most importantly natural light,” said Hanghøj Lech, when we visited the impressive venue.

Cameras and spotlights are concealed so that there are no visually noisy elements present. “All seats are perfect visibility, acoustics and especially the natural light makes the space open and welcoming,” says Mette Hanghøj Lech about the innovative space that invites sharing of knowledge and experiences.

Natural light is a rare value at auditoriums, where the shades normally keeps all light out in order to make screens and speakers visible. At The House of Innovation the steepness of the venue, the over all design and the colours makes up for the normal tendency.

“We have consistently worked with natural light and views of the beautiful moraine landscape,” continues Hanghøj Lech. “It aligns perfectly with Novo’s wish that the users of the Diabetes Research House feel the warmth and openness. Meanwhile, natural light an important part of RH architects’ work, for we are of course aware that it creates a better work life and fellowship when you do not feel trapped and locked in by shades and darkness.”

The seats have their own history. They are specially fitted for the auditorium. “We wanted a simple chair, that does not steal the room. Another important thing is the light colour of the fabric. It underlines a positive and welcoming learning environment, where audience, scientists and researchers feel at home.”

A final important detail is the autistics. The auditorium is lined with wood. The organic material is carved out in vertical wooden slants. “The lining absorbs all unnecessary sound and noise,” said the chief designer. “The wood corresponds with RHs wish to work with the Scandinavian design tradition, and it is naturally in line with Novo’s overall design.”

House of Innovation has a natural meeting point, a place where knowledge, science and the future can be shared, discussed and developed. “We sincerely hope that everyone will have as much joy using the auditorium as we had making it,” concludes Mette Hanghøj Lech