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Novo Nordisk
House of Innovation

RH ARKITEKTER is the main architect for House of Innovation in Novo Nordisk Park in Måløv, Denmark. The building is a signature project for RH. Among other things, the 179,700 square feet are home to labs, offices, shared facilities, and an impressive auditorium. The labs are designed according to the standard that RH ARKITEKTER has optimized for Novo Nordisk from project to project: A focus on a minimalist, functional design that creates optimal working conditions for researchers and ensures a cleaning-friendly layout. The building was officially dedicated on 20th April, and the researchers have already moved into the wonderful facilities. In the near future, we will provide further details about the building and RH’s work. Much to our fortune, the project has caught the interest of several professional magazines. This week, the Danish magazine Byggeplads published an excellent article on the project.