Competition entry
Campus Odense
Building OU45

DIAS (the Danish Institute for Advanced Study) will be established at SDU Odense as part of the aim of the University of Southern Denmark to offer the best possible settings for Danish and international research.

The architecture, flexibility and building physics of the house will support DIAS’ vision to create a place, which on the international scene, will be regarded as a lighthouse and which will attract researchers of international scope.

DIAS will be established as a new combined research and teaching building at SDU Campus Odense with direct access to the rest of the university and direct entrance from the adjacent parking area.

The building will take up a maximum area of 3,500 m² (gross), and it will be named OU45 using SDU terminology.

Primary functions of the new building include:

Individual offices for researchers
Areas to facilitate and strengthen the collaboration, idea development and networking between researchers
Auditorium, seminar facility and presentation facilities