Fish Farm

RH ARKITEKTER has designed a fish farm for a client in USA. The farm will manufacture salmon and sea bass. The primary customer for the fish will be a large city which is just a couple of hours away from the farm. Today the state only produces 1% of the food that is consumed in the city.

The building will house a reception, visitors lounge, offices, control rooms, laboratories and a lecture hall as well as to separate manufacturing units with a total of 32 basins each containing around 90.000 m3 water each. Furthermore the building will contain a slaughterhouse and also a waste water treatment facility.

As brine (salt water) is not naturally occurring in the state, waste water treatment plant will be recovering the salt. The fish waste is squeezed into small fertilizer pellets, and can be used to fertilize the surrounding fields. The idea is that eventually the fields will be able to produce a large portion of the fish feed consumed in the facility.

The building is located in one of nature’s most beautiful sceneries, surrounded by picturesque mountains. The building has strong roots in the Scandinavian design tradition and reflects nature’s work of art in the glass facade. Inside the building, the natural daylight is the basis of the work environment and will ensure a healthy workplace in compliance with the high Scandinavian requirements. The two manufacturing facilities are separated and divided into zones in or der to minimize the risk of cross contamination – as typically seen in pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturing facilities.