Extend – Integrated




Furniture design



Længde / mm:

600/1200/1800/2400 - up to 6 metres






Neon tube and LED

Insulations klasse:

Class 1


4.5 kg per metre

The integrated Extend lamp opens a totally new chapter for lighting, installations and acoustic ceilings. A specially extruded aluminium U-profile integrates the light fitting, sprinklers, movement sensors, smoke detectors etc. keeping the ceiling surface clean and astringent, with easy access to the concealed installations above the ceiling.

The U-profile carries the entire ceiling system. The profile frame is designed to take the Ecophon Solo rectangle panel in sizes up to 2400x1200x40 mm. The light fitting in its standard format is composed of two rails with reflectors and transverse louvre shades. Alternatively, they can be supplied with LED lights and spots.

Installation is easy and based on the “plug and play” principle. High and low voltage installations can be mounted in the ceiling using junction boxes and sprinklers with flexible hoses so that the U-profile construction can enclose all installations before the panels are fitted. A specially-developed coupling ensures that sprinklers can be dismantled after installation under pressure.

The U-profile comes in lengths of 800 to 6100 mm. It ends against a wall or plaster cornices with adjustable end pieces.
The flexible installation principle is highly advanced. If ordinary neon light fittings are selected now, they can be replaced by LED lights later, for example. Spots or other forms of lighting can be added as required. Gathering technical components in a single profile gives a flexible, advanced solution with the very best acoustic properties.

Extend comes in two versions: an installation panel integrated into acoustic ceilings, and as a suspended lamp. The two types can be combined to emphasise the linear identity of a building – regardless of whether in open plan offices spaces with integrated fittings or in more intimate rooms with suspended lights.