AJ Vaccines





Rebuild and extension


Artillerivej 5, 2300 København S


100 m2




RH Arkitekter

For AJ Vaccines RH ARKITEKTER has worked on a complex assignment within a small area. Building 88 consists of a row of existing prefabricated container-units and their collective space is used as a vaccine production area. Support functions such as changing rooms, office space and a lunchroom are placed around this production area.

An important part of the assignment was to incorporate a class C airlock within an already spatially very optimized plan layout. The new airlock had to be placed between existing Class D and Class B airlocks, with the additional design constraint that no new door holes could be made in the steel containers housing the production area. Flows had to be considered, and due to the very limited space available, the airlock is designed for both personnel and goods. The furnishings of the new class C airlock include a fold-away step-over bench-top, as well as storage for clothes and shoes.

As a consequence of the need for improved flows, an existing office was converted into a stock room. The facility therefore had to be extended with new office space. This new space highly satisfies the staff’s needs for individual pc workplaces, as well as a separate leader’s office, which is also big enough for meetings.

The extension subordinates itself to the existing building – its main geometry and choice of materials. With its large overhang, the extension also encompasses a new technical room and new a loading platform.

The project was designed in close collaboration with the users, who have expressed their great satisfaction with the new layout, the functional furnishings of the new airlock, as well as with the office extension with its optimal daylight.