Glostrup Apotek - RH ARKITEKTER AS

Glostrup Apotek




Expansion and Rebuild




1700 m2


Completed 2019

Glostrup Apotek rebuilt and expanded their magistral production facility – and from very early on RH ARKITEKTER worked as a full-service consultant on the project. The project ended up entailing a substantial expansion, as well as remodel of their existing facilities. Neighboring empty warehouse space allowed for an expansion inside existing structures, and in immediate proximity to the existing production facilities.

Over the years, production and number of employees have grown, leading to the facility becoming more and more cramped for space. At the same time, EU and GMP requirements to production rooms, ventilation systems and supplies have become stricter, and so, the need for optimal compliance, quality assurance, and patient safety has increased.

In addition to improved, non-classified spaces for administration and product storage, new CNC laboratories for drug production have been established, divided into clearly defined sections: Hormone, Galenic as well as a new Sterile section in Class D and C (clean rooms).

To safeguard against contamination, differentiated air pressures are established between the individual sections, which are separated by separate air locks for people and materials. Also, each area is served by its own ventilation system. The sterile section is made of prefabricated clean room elements, as a ”box-in-a-box”, kept at a distance from the surrounding structures.