Reconstruction and extension for AJ Vaccines 2018 - RH ARKITEKTER AS

Reconstruction and extension for
AJ Vaccines 2018

RH ARKITEKTER have solved a complex assignment in a very limited space for AJ Vaccines. Building 88 consists of a number of existing prefabricated container units to accommodate the production of vaccines. Support functions such as dressing rooms, offices and a canteen area have been established in connection to the production.

The assignment involved adapting a very optimized space to a class C-airlock and placing it between airlocks in class D and B. Flow and airlock-layout had to be adjusted to a combined person and material airlock, as it was not possible to cut new door openings in the steel container. In the C-airlock a step-over bench, cabinet with storage for clothing and shoe racks, was installed.

Subsequently, improving the flow made it possible to convert an office to storage area, and it was therefore necessary to extend the facility with an office building. This has to solved the personnel’s need for own PC-workstations, as well as a management office with the possibility to hold meetings.

The addition to the building submits to the main geometry and material choices to the existing building and includes a smaller technical room and a loading ramp under the large eave.

The assignment has been solved in collaboration with the users who have expressed great satisfaction with both the airlock-adaption in the existing production and the office-addition with meeting rooms, which offers optimal daylight conditions.