has won the framework agreement for University of Copenhagen.

RH ARKITEKTER have in collaboration with DISSING + WEITLING and landscape architect KRISTINE JENSENS TEGNESTUE won the framework agreement for University of Copenhagen. The next couple of years, we will be responsible for technical consultancy regarding renovations and refurbishments on the university’s buildings in the segment of “Science”. University of Copenhagen has a building stock that is roughly 1 million square meters. In addition to this, also large areas of green as well as urban outdoor spaces.

In Spring the university was looking for advisors who could help manage their big building stock, and the assignment was segmented into three: “Science”, “Sund” and “Søndre City”. Each segment was assigned to different teams of architects and engineering consultants. RH ARKITEKTER will work with the renovation and rebuilding in the “Science” segment, on the basis of our substantial experience we have gathered over the past many years, working for clients within the Life Science field. “Science” is the biggest of the three framework agreements, encompassing around 450.000 square meters. This agreement includes “Det Natur- og Biovidenskabelige Faktuelt” with buildings in “Universitetsparken”, “Landbohøjskolen Frederiksberg”, “Botanisk Have” and its surrounding buildings. A big part of the building stock includes laboratories and related facilities.  As sub-consultants to D&W we are looking forward to the collaboration and many exciting projects in the future.