Takeda Space Management - RH ARKITEKTER AS

Takeda Space Management





Space Management and Layout Design


Vallensbæk, DK


1600 m2




Completed 2019

RH ARKITEKTER has designed TAKEDA Pharma’s new Danish headquarters. The design started as a comprehensive space management project, where RH ARKITEKTER in collaboration with a representative user group explored and clarified how new workflows and a changed department structure could best support a good, efficient and inspiring workplace.

This process formed the basis for the final layout. All departments are located in bright, open office spaces over the two wings of the floor. Access to the floor is via a connecting building, which binds the two wings together. This is where the café / kitchen area is situated. The area also serves as a welcoming gathering space for all visitors and staff.

Meeting rooms and relaxation zones are placed in such a way, that the large open office space is divided into smaller pockets of 8-10 workplaces.
Central cores, one in each wing, contains quiet rooms and service functions. The cores are broken up into several smaller sections, providing two-sided daylight and views, as well as visual contact. The core is clad with oak slats, which provide a visual coherence throughout the floor and combine Nordic and Japanese expressions – a reference to Takeda Pharma’s roots in Japan and the headquarters in Vallensbæk, Denmark.